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  • Drone light shows can run 15-20 minutes per battery charge. However, rain, temperature, wind and other environmental conditions may reduce that. Because of these unknowns, drone shows are typically designed for a 10-12 minute flight, providing for a safety cushion. If you must have a show that runs longer, call us to talk about how we can make that happen.

  • Typically, it requires 3 weeks to secure the FAA permits and waivers, sometimes longer. It also takes 3-4 weeks to co-author your show.

  • They start at $10,000 and go up from there based on the number of drones, the complexity of your show, your launch location, local permit fees, and how complex your animation will be. It would be nice to be able to say that a show of so many drones is $X. Unfortunately, it cannot. The launch field changes the prices. So do power lines. In addition, there are plenty of places where drones cannot fly, like airports, over highways or audiences. To simplify, your show must be custom quoted.

  • A drone light show utilizes a fleet of drones and precision ground equipment to guide the drones into specific locations and display the perfect colors to create the imagery necessary to tell a heartfelt story. The images can be 2D, 3D or lettering.

  • Drone light shows can utilize a huge area of the sky, going up to 400 feet above the ground and spanning hundreds of feet across. Currently, Heartfelt Drone Shows has 200 of our own drones and access to hundreds more with our strategic partners. Your show is neither too small nor too large for us.

  • We have worked for nearly a year researching the hardware, software and technology needed to operate a drone light show. We can comfortably say that we have the cutting edge technology in the market. We have chosen the best combination of drone size, battery performance, propeller size and shape, and other details to fly the safest, longest lasting, most wind durable drones available. Our drone light shows are fully insured and all FAA waivers required for your show will be in place.


  • We love being present for you when we do these. We are not funeral directors. We are a crew of normal people who know how to simply be there doing our job of honoring your relationship. Our hope is that we make you smile, laugh and cry as you relive your memories. These events are unique, meaningful, heartfelt, emotional and allow you to connect with and say good-bye to your loved one in a way that will never be forgotten.

  • Fireworks are beautiful, majestic and wonderfully loud. We will never put down the experience of an incredible firework show. We can even work together with fireworks companies to augment their production. Unfortunately, because of the recent droughts, firework shows can also be dangerous. They are also terrifying to pets and wild animals. Until drone show technology advanced to the point where it is now, there were no alternatives. But now, a drone show can tell a story unique with imagery, words, and emotions without the danger to parched land or scaring the dickens out of animals. Let us co-author the story you want to tell your audience.

  • Many people look at corporate events as dry presentations of data, lacking in emotion. Unfortunately, sometimes, that is true. Yet, if you work for such a company, you would not be reading this. Corporations that operate with honor, respect, trust, fairness, open communication and gratitude know that all communication is based in emotion because people make decisions emotionally and justify them factually.


    Allow us to collaborate with you to bring your message to center stage in such a way that you emotionally connect with the individuals in your audience, whether they are employees or customers.

  • Make your wedding day the talk of the town with one-of-a-kind entertainment. Connect with your guests by showing your own love story to those people that matter most.

  • Whether you want to amaze your attendees during an intermission or put them in awe as you elevate the encore experience, we will work on executing every technical detail to make it easy and effortless for you. We will work with your chosen venue to showcase an awe-inspiring show that complements your music and enhances the overall concert experience.

  • For birthdays, gender reveal parties, and other personal celebrations, our shows draw a crowd by making every guest know that they matter. There is no better way to excite your attendees with a unique experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Whether your event is a single evening celebration or a multi-day extravaganza, our shows are custom created for you to accomplish your specific objectives.

a meaningful way to bring people together


we're committed to doing drone shows that matter

Our main goal is to connect with the hearts of everyone watching. The flying lights in the sky are simply our alphabet.

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Disaster Relief

Using our technology to help aid and awareness in times in need

Emergency and Crisis Workers

Thanking firefighters, doctors and nurses, social workers, and more

Children's Hospitals

Bringing light and levity to children and families


Celebrating and honoring the lives of loved ones

We are a company that is committed to making a difference in people’s lives and pledge to regularly donate a drone show to various causes and communities across the USA.

Here are some of the ideas we are already working on:

we support our community

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